Mentee/student users can be created and managed via 3PI sync (NSW public schools only) or by importing a spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can create and manage all users via Admin>General>Student Administration. If you have several users to add, we recommend that you use one of the bulk import methods to save you time.  Note: Please ensure you have created roll classes before adding student/mentees.

  • Select New, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the page

  • Fill in the new user fields with the new mentee/student’s detailsMandatory fields are First Name, Preferred Name, Last Name, Student Code, Roll Class, Is Active, Username, Password and Password Again. Note: The Student Code field requires a unique ID number – ERN Number (NSW public schools) or a unique identifier - that the organisation uses to identify the mentee/student.

  • Select Save. You will then see the newly added user listed by their Preferred Name in the list of users under Admin>General>Student Administration.
  • Select Edit next to the user record and verify their Roll Class by selecting the correct class from the dropdown and then select Save. 
  • You will then see the newly added user with a green tick next to their name indicating they are active.
  • You can verify that the newly added user appears in their nominated class by selecting Admin >General>Manage Roll Classes on the left-hand menu. You will see the list of classes, locate the class that the new user was added to and select Students on the right hand side of the screen, in line with the class name.
  • Verify that the newly added mentee (student) is listed in the class list selected