To create or update mentors/teachers via spreadsheet you can download and use a simplified spreadsheet template.

Please select >Admin>Import/Export>Update Teachers and download the mentor/teachers’ template (an Excel .csv file)

The template has the following column headings and some dummy sample data to show you how the spreadsheet should be filled:











  • The Code column can be left blank if your organisation doesn’t use any unique identifier codes or serial numbers for your staff (e.g. a Teacher Number)
  • Permission level options are
    • Admin is the highest level of access and gives the user administrative access over all areas of the program.  This level of access is normally only assigned to or 1-2 people in the organisation
    • Executive This is the second highest level of access. This gives the user access to all classes by default and allows them to view and modify all classes without access to the administration area
    • Teacher This gives the user teacher access. However, they still need to be assigned to a class
    • No Access removes all access; the user will not be able to log in at all. Mentors (teachers) that have left the organisation should be assigned to the No Access level.
  • Fill in the remaining fields: Last Name; First Name, Email
  • Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file on your computer and then go to >Admin>Import/Export>Update Teachers and upload the saved .csv Teachers’ spreadsheet.

  • The process –Analysing Teachers Data will commence and you will see a grey bar running across the top of the page. Once this process is completed, you will then see the page to -Verify Teachers Data
  • Under Verify Teachers Data you will see three tabs: New; Update and Deactivate.
    • New stands for new mentors/teachers - select the NEW check box if you want to bulk add the users listed here to have an account in Goalhub, otherwise just select the check box beside any specific user you want added.
    • Update stands for existing users in your account that may need to be updated.
    • Deactivate stands for users that have left and need to be removed – you can bulk remove all the users in this tab by selecting on the check box beside “Deactivate” – OR select the specific user to be deactivated by selecting the check box beside their name. 
  • Select each tab New, Update or Deactivate to view the users listed and verify that the records are correct.
  • After verifying the listed records are correct, check each check box next to the New, Update and Deactivate tab headings OR to select only specific users by selecting the check box beside their name in each tab.
  • Select Apply Changes (If the -Apply Changes icon can’t be selected, just untick and re-tick either the New or the Update checkbox to re-active the -Apply Changes icon)
  • The system will now update the user records; this may take a few minutes. After the update is complete select >Go to User Administration.
  •  You are verifying the newly imported users listed by doing this step. You can also navigate to this by selecting the >Admin tab>General>User Administration