Once you’ve set up users, you can generate login details and print details using the Goalhub Sign-in sheet generator.

  • Select the >Admin tab and select >Goalhub
  • Select -Sign in sheet generator

Through this menu, you can generate the login details for Mentees/students, Mentors/teachers, Parents/Guardians/Supporters and set a default password for your users. We recommend that you generate login details for each group separately.

  • Select the tick box of the user type to select all users in that group (e.g. 'Select All Teachers'), or select - Bulk Assign next to one of the user groups and this will show you all of the users in that group that are in your organisation
  • Select the checkbox beside the user(s) that will be using Goalhub in your organisation and select -Assign

  • In the -Default password field, you can create a default password for the users. Or if you leave this field blank, you will get a system generated password for each user. System-generated passwords may be more appropriate depending on the ages of the user. For younger users, you may wish to create a simplified password for them to use e.g. goalhub

  • Select -Generate and you will then create a printable sheet with individual usernames and passwords for your users

  • You can cut these out as coupons and hand them out to your users. Users can then log in via www.goalhub.com or the mobile app.