Widgets bring certain information to your attention without you having to log into each application separately for e.g. Students absent today shows gives you an overview of the classes and the number of students absent for today. Other widgets like Message Inbox allows you to send messages to teachers and users in your school. You can add and remove widgets at will and not lose any data. Widgets are simply short-cuts to make your life easier.

  1. Once you’ve logged in, select the >Dashboard tab

  2. Then select the >Widgets icon from the top-right hand side of the page, located near the icons for >School Links and >Calendar

  3. This will bring up the list of widgets that you can add to on your dashboard

  4. Select the >Add icon beside the widget you want

  5. Depending on the type of widget selected, you will be prompted to confirm some settings in the selected widget. Remember that you can always change your settings at any time after the widget has been added.

  6. Confirm your setting selection and select >Done

  7. The widget will then appear on your dashboards.

Adjusting the size of your widgets

  • Expand the widget across the screen by selecting the + icon located on the top-right side, inside the widget box
  • Change the settings for your widget by selecting the icon beside the + icon on the top right-hand side, inside the widget box