Please find attached the guide for Admin Level Users and teachers for the Markbook application in Momentum ESR 

We've put together the attached guide to help Admin Level Users and teachers. 

You can view previous data recorded in Markbook in one of two ways by following instructions in the pdf guide that you can download

  • Accessing a student’s profile to view current and historical Markbook information - Page 16
  • By generating a Report by Class or Year Level through the Reports tab - Page 15

For consistency in tracking Markbook data, the best option is to apply the same template as used previously to the new class in the new year; so that the same Markbook report can be generated by version dates for e.g. report as of 31 Dec 2017; report as of 31 March 2018.  

Please refer to the following pages for creating and applying a template

  • Creating a Markbook template – for Admin Users - Page 5
  • Adding a Markbook to a class – for teachers - Page 7