If you want to get a copy of the marked rolls from a previous Semester or year, you can generate it through the Reports tab.

  1. Select the >Reports tab
  2. Select >Attendance from the left-hand brown menu
  3. Select >Roll Marking Form
  4. Select the -Year for e.g. 2015
  5. If you want to print the marked rolls for the whole school, then leave the leave the -Scholastic Year and -Class fields BLANK
  6. If you want to print the marked rolls for a specific year and/or class, then select the -Scholastic Year or -Class from the drop down field; you can also use the >Bulk Assign link to the right of each field to pick a year or class from the list of years and classes available
  7. In the next section, on the same page titled -Report Options -Print Rolls for, you will see three fields, -Today    -Week 1    -This fortnight
  8. Select -Week 1 and a drop down menu will give you the Terms for e.g. the Terms in 2015. Select a week and select >Generate PDF at the bottom right-hand side of the screen 
  9. You will then get a pdf copy of the marked roll for the week with the name of the Class; names of the students; and the week's roll as marked by the teacher in that week