The following steps apply when you want to add two or more absences for a child in the one day. This scenario would come up when the student has an existing absence i.e. a late arrival; and then they needed to leave early.

To add two or more absences for a student in one day, you do the following:

  1. Go into the class under >Attendance>Year and select the class
  2. Find the student that you need to add the additional absence to for the day
  3. On the right-hand side, in line with the student's name, you should see the absence that has already been marked for e.g. P-A for a partial absence
  4. With your mouse, hover over P-A and a pop-up window will appear, you can now add the additional absence by selecting the + plus icon that appears in lower right-hand side inside the pop-up window
  5. Once you've selected the + plus icon, you will get another pop-up window to specify the type of absence.
  6. Specify the type of absence and select >Save
  7. The additional absence will than be added to the student; and you will see that the student now has two absences showing under the Code column