You can bulk edit absences for a particular student by going into their profile in Attendance

How to access a student's profile

  1. Click on the the tab -Dashboard 
  2. In the search field below the -Dashboard tab, denoted by an icon of a magnifying glass, type in the name of the student. Typing in three or more characters of a name, will give you some auto-match options of student names
  3. Select the student you want by clicking on their name; and you will be taken into their profile

How to edit a student's absences in their Attendance profile 

  1. In the menu on the left-hand side under the student's photo or the silhouette of a head in place of a photo, select >Attendance. You are now in the student's Attendance profile page for an overview of their attendance.
  2. Under Attendance, select >Summary and on the centre-right of the screen, you will see two sections: Overview and Absences
  3. In the -Absences section, you will see list of all the absences starting with the oldest absence. To see recent or current absences, click on the column heading -Date; the absences will then show up in descending order and you will see the current absences first
  4. Select the check box next to the absences that you want to bulk-edit; and then scroll to the bottom and below the last absence listed, you will see two icons: a pencil icon to edit bulk absences for your selection of absences; and a page icon to generate a form letter for your selection of absences.
  5. Select the pencil icon and edit the absences in the pop-up window - here you can change the -Reason of the absence and/or add any -Comment. The change you make here will update the reason for all of your selected absences