If some students have not been rolled across from the previous year's roll class to their current roll class, you can edit the student's details to fix this issue.

For e.g. Angela Lee is suppose to be in Year 6W however she is not showing up in her class; and when you search for her, you see that her status is "inactive" and her class is listed as Year 5P, her class in the previous year.

  1. Select the >Admin tab and then select >General>Student Administration in the left-hand menu
  2. Look up the student for by searching for them by name in the -Name/Code field located above the columns for -Year and -Active? in the -Admin-Student Administration screen
  3. The student will show up as "inactive" with a red cross; and also in the class from the previous year
  4. Select -Edit beside the student to go into their profile
    • Under  -School Year and change to the correct Year level from the options in the drop down menu
    • Under -Roll Class - select the correct Roll Class; then select >Save
    • Select -Edit again if you get taken out of the student's profile screen; as you need to check that the "Start" date in the class is for the beginning of this year
  5. Select -Edit; and then in the profile at the very bottom, select -Class Start/End Dates
  6. You will see start/end dates of the classes that the student was enrolled in; make sure that the end and start dates don't overlap for the different classes that the student was enrolled in; and then select -Save