Instructions for Admin Users new to setting up Reports 

If you are new to setting up reports or your school is looking to change the way way your reports look, then please download the attached pdf file which has detailed instructions and screenshots.

Instructions for Admin Users comfortable with setting up Reports

If you're familiar with setting up reports and you just need some prompting, then the steps below will suffice.

Transferring Frameworks from one class to another

  1. Select Admin tab; then select >Assessment from left-hand blue menu
  2. Select >Frameworks>Transfer Framework
  3. In the first section, "Select Year and Semester" - confirm that you are in the correct Semester. At this stage, you will be either copying a report set-up from a previous Semester/Year; OR you will be looking to copy a report set-up from the current Semester from a class that has the report set-up in place. IMPORTANT: if copying a set-up from a previous year or semester; always select the Year first; and then Semester for e.g. Year 2019  Semester 1. You don't need to select a particular class. 
  4. Under the next section, "Framework Details", all the classes that have a framework in the selected Semester will be shown
  5. Select the framework of a class  that want to copy by clicking on the circle for that class, in the column, "Select a framework" 
  6. Then scroll to the second half of the screen, and from the section titled, "Classes to transfer to" - select one or all classes that the particular framework applies to; and then at the bottom right-hand corner, select >Copy
  7. Your report set-up or framework from the selected class will now be copied across to the class or classes that you've selected


it's advisable to copy one class to classes in one year level at a time and then go to Assessment tab; to one of the classes that you just copied a framework across for; and verify that you are happy with what you have done.

Reports/set-ups with indicators/outcome statements:

If your school has outcome statements per year or class level; then you should only transfer from a Class in a Year Level or Stage from a previous Semester to the corresponding classes in the same Year Level or the same Stage for e.g. transferring a framework from Class 3G from Semester 1, 2019 to only Year 3 classes in Semester 1, 2020.

If you make a mistake, we can always rectify the situation for you, so please do not hesitate to email us.