On occasion, you may be in a situation where all of your frameworks are set up and teachers have already started entering marks, when you notice that you have an outcome missing - you can add outcomes and strands individually without having to set up the framework from scratch :

  1. Select >Admin>Assessment>Framework>Manage Framework
  2. Find the class that you want to add it to and select it; you will be taken into the framework of the class; select the >Edit icon beside the class name >Edit icon located to the right of the screen
  3. On the page with the framework for the class; scroll all the way down and select >Add in the bottom right-hand side of the class
  4. Then on the next screen; in the >Learning Area field, select the subject from the drop down menu
  5. All the outcomes and/or strands for the subject will be listed
  6. Select the check box beside the outcome or the strand that you want to add ; and then at the very bottom right-side and select >Add
  7. The outcome or strand is now added and will be visible for the teachers to mark