If you do not have Admin level access, please ask the person with Admin access in your school to do the following:

Editing details of a student 

You can edit student's details easily with the following steps.

  1. Select Admin>General>Student Administration
  2. Locate the student by searching for the teacher in the Name/Code field, located at the top right-hand side the section
  3. Select -Edit on the right-hand side of screen along their name. Make the correction or adjustment in their profile
  4. Select Save

How do I get the student's preferred name to appear on Reports?

For schools wanting the Preferred Name instead of First Name on Reports, please put in student's preferred name in the first name field. Reports are set to display whatever is in the first name field and whatever is in the last name field for e.g. Student's name is Lucinda Dawson and her Preferred Name is "Lu Dawson" - Replace 'Lucinda' with "Lu" in the First Name field

Why has the Preferred Name been replaced by the student's First Name?
We have been advised that the Department's policy is that students are referred to by their first name and last name for their Reports hence we ran a script to update the way student names appear on the reports.