Resetting passwords for teachers

Teachers can reset their own passwords – refer to "Forgotten password or username" in the second half of this page. However, the Admin User can reset the password for teachers and other users in the school as well.

  1. Select Admin> General> User Administration
  2. Under Admin Teacher Administration find the user whose password needs to be reset either by locating their name in the list of users or by searching for the them by typing in their name in Name/Code search field and then selecting the green tick apply icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Edit next to the teacher name
  4. Under Admin Edit – Teachers Name type a new password in the Password field and verify the password by retyping it in the Password Again field (for schools using Momentum ESR with either MGoals or MyPLgoals, you will need to set a temporary password with letters and numbers for e.g. Balmain2018 to make it more secure - ALL other schools only using Momentum ESR can make the temporary password "teacher"  
  5. Select Save

Provide the staff member with the new password. The new password is temporary and the teacher will be prompted to change the password to a password of their choice upon their first login.

Forgotten password or username

Teachers and other users can now reset their password or get their usernames emailed to them if they've forgotten their login details

They can select the link Forgot your username or password? under the login pop-up window (see below); and they will be emailed their username and can reset their password through a 'reset password' link.

If a teacher's email address wasn't added when they were set up or they have a bogus email address, they will be prompted to contact the person with Admin Level access in the school.