Adding a single new student

You can add a single student easily with the following steps. If you have several students to add, then you can do a bulk update through a spreadsheet.

  1.  Select the >Admin tab and then select >General>Student Administration in the left-hand menu
  2. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, select >New
  3. In the -Admin - New Student page, fill in the details of the new student.
  4. Fill in as much information as possible in this section. The 'School Code' field refers to the student's ERN or Enrolment Registration Number - it is a unique number that belongs to the student. You will need to ensure you assign the student to the correct school year and roll class. For a username and password, you can put in the student's first name.second name and any password of your choosing. Your school may not be using the system for students at this stage, however you need to fill in this section of the form to add a student.
  5. Select >Save
  6. The new student will be created immediately and will appear in the class list under any Momentum ESR application

Adding several new students – Private schools

  1. Select >Admin >Import >Export Students
  2. Select the check boxes for - Include School Name and Momentum Code and Include Inactive Students check and select >Generate
  3. Once the file has been generated, select >Download File.  The Student List report spreadsheet file (export_student_list_date_mcode.csv) will be downloaded to your local computer.
  4. Find and open the downloaded file from the browser taskbar or your browser’s downloads folder; the file will open in Microsoft Excel. If Microsoft Excel is not installed on the computer you are working from, the file may not open. You will need to work from a computer that has Microsoft Excel installed on it or a program with the ability to open .csv file types
  5. Once the file has opened, review the student information within your spreadsheet
  6. Remove students that are no longer required to be available to teachers by deleting the row with the student’s details
  7. Update existing records by changing the information contained within each cell along an existing students row. If this is at the start of the year,  you will need to update the cells for  the school year (year level of the student) and roll class of each existing student
  8. If you have new students that are required for the current year add the new students to new rows at the end of the spreadsheet with all their required information. When adding a new students, the follow information is required to be filled into the related columns and cells: Code = the student ID number, Gender, Last name, First name, Middle name, Preferred name, DOB – date of birth, School Year, Roll Class, Aboriginal
  9. Please contact Momentum ESR support if an existing student code in the system needs to be changed. Do NOT change an existing student code as all data for the student will be disassociated from the student’s profile
  10. After verifying that all student records are correct, save your update Student List report spreadsheet to your computers desktop ensuring you do not change the file’s .csv extension. The file must be saved as a .csv
  11. To import the updated spreadsheet, in Momentum, select the Admin tab and scroll down to > Import> Update Students
  12. Locate the updated Student List spreadsheet  (export_student_list_date_mcode.csv) saved on your desktop or in another folder that you have chosen previously and select >Open
  13. You see see the -Verifying Students page - this may take several minutes
  14. You will then see the -Verify Students Data page; and you will see three tabs: -New -Update -Deactivate
  15. Beside each of those tabs you will have a number - the number in the denominator shows the number of students to be added; updated or deactivated
  16. You can bulk select all the changes by selecting the corresponding check boxes; OR you can select on the tab-headings: -New -Update -Deactivate to review the students and select only specific students by selecting the check box beside each student's name
  17. Then select >Apply Changes on the bottom right-hand side of the screen
  18. Once the changes have been applied, you will be directed to the –Student Administration page. You don’t need to do anything further – the students will appear in their class list for any of the Momentum ESR applications.  Deactivated students will no longer appear in the class lists as well.



Critical Information:

It is critical that you do not change any of the Student List spreadsheet’s column headings (row 1) and that you do not change an existing students Code (column c) = the student ID number – If the spreadsheet’s column headings are changed, the file will not be imported. If the student’s code is changed from the previous year to a new identifier for the current year, then the student will be imported as a new student and there will be no link to the student’s previous  data. This means there will be a double record of the student with no correlation with previous data.