For school's using Attendance in Momentum ESR, the following process is applicable to import the absences into your school reports:

Steps to import absences for Reports 
  1. Select >Admin
  2. Select >Assessment from the left-hand blue menu
  3. Select >Update Absences
  4. You then have an option to update absences from -Latest School Export or from the -Momentum Attendance Module
  5. For schools using Momentum Attendance, select Momentum Attendance Module as your source by clicking on the circle next to it
  6. Then select >Update Absences on the lower right-hand side of the screen
  7. Allow the process to run and once completed, the absences for students will be imported into the Assessment application

To view the absences that have been imported, select the  Assessment tab from the horizontal tabs like a teacher going into her class to mark the reports, and select a Year Level and Class. Select >Additional Info >Days Absent - you will see the list of students and the whole and partial absences in two columns. 


For NSW Public Schools using ebs central for their attendance, please follow the instructions in this link to import absences into your reports:


Updating absences from ebs for NSW Public Schools