When you search for a teacher in your school and you can't find them, then all you need to do is the following:

  1. Select the >Admin tab and in the left-hand blue menu, go to >General >User Administration
  2. Search for the missing teacher by typing in their name in the search box beside -Name/Code
  3. Then select the "green tick" which is the icon for -Apply on the top right hand side
  4. You will now see the teacher's name appear
  5. Select >Edit alongside the teacher's name on the far right, under the column heading -Actions
  6. You will be then in the teacher's user profile page, in -Permission Level, change -No Access to -Teacher or the required permission level for the user
  7. Change the teacher's password to a default password which could be your school name and calendar year for e.g. Schoolname2021 or something easy to remember, and then select >Save at the bottom right of the screen. Note: If the teacher's mobile number is listed in the field -Mobile Number -please remove all the spaces between the numbers 
  8. Inform the teacher that password has been changed they will be prompted to change their password after they log in using the password you assigned to him/her. If they aren't prompted to change their password, they can always do so on their own by clicking on their name on the top-right hand corner of the screen after they have logged in

To access a class, teachers need to be assigned to the class - please see instructions for assigning teachers to classes https://support.momentumcloud.com.au/support/solutions/articles/44000869830-assigning-teachers-to-classes

NOTE: Once a teacher or a student is entered, in the system, they can't be deleted - they can be deactivated but will not be deleted so you can always find them in the system.