Adding a new teacher or staff member


You can add a single new teacher or staff member easily with the following steps. If you have several teachers to add, then you can do a bulk update in one of two ways: for NSW public schools, you can run a sync with the DEC server ; for all other schools, you can import new teachers through a spreadsheet.

For NSW public schools, all staff would have been imported through the 3PI direct integration process with the Department; however the access level would have been set to "no access". If the teacher/staff member is not there still, then please follow the instructions in the next section, "Adding a new teacher  or staff member".                                                      

Adding a new teacher or staff member

  1. Select Admin>General>User Administration
  2. Select New, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the page
  3. Ensure that the Mandatory fields are filled - First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, and Password Again (for schools using Momentum ESR with either Goalhub or MyPLgoals, you will need to set a temporary password with letters and numbers for e.g. Balmain2018 to make it more secure)  For username, please use the teacher's email address. You should fill in the email address so that the teacher can get emails to reset their password in the future without asking you to reset their password for them. You can leave the teacher code field blank. Note: if the teacher’s mobile number needs to be added, please delete the spaces between the numbers for e.g. 0497 123 123 should be 0497123123  
  4. The default permission level is No Access, select Teacher from the Permissions level drop down for teachers only needing access to their class. 
  5. Select Save
  6. You will then see the newly added teacher listed in the list of users under Admin>General>User Administration
  7. You will need to inform the newly added teacher of the username and password that you set for them; they will be prompted to change their password when they log in for the first time - they can then change it to whatever they want.

Assign teacher to a class for Reports

  1. Select Admin>Assessment>Manage Classes
  2. The list of classes will appear, select >Teachers icon located to the right-hand side of the page, in line with the class name
  3. If the teacher is a Class Teacher, type in their name in the -Class Teacher field; if the teacher needs access to the class but is not the Class Teacher, then type in their name in the -Class Access field.
  4. Select Save

Disabling a Teacher's account

 From the Teacher Administration page, press the 'Edit' button to the right of the teacher you wish to disable.

  1. Update the teacher's Permission Level to 'No Access'
    Although the user's account will still be active, the 'No Access' level prevents the user from even logging into their account.
    Press the 'Save' button.

This will remove all ESR access for the user, and the teacher will no longer be able to log in at all.


Admin: Grants the user access to the Administration module, as well as access to all areas of ESR Momentum

Executive: Allows the user to view and modify all classes

Teacher: Allows the user to view and modify only the classes they are assigned to teach.

Viewer: Allows the user to view ESR Momentum but not make any changes

No Access: Removes all access; the user will not be able to log in at all